1) "Saaaay, this looks familiar": well, yeah; at least to begin with, this will be a straight transfer of a blog set up elsewhere. We just decided to move over here to tumblr with it
2) "Picture Thieves! You don't credit any reblogs!": We've been squirreling away images for years, before tumblr came rolling down the pike and everyone started getting their frillies in a tiswas over who owns what. Simple fact of the matter is we didn't keep a record of where we got most of the stuff from, so we can't doff our evil kleptomaniac caps accordingly. As mentioned above, this blog will start off a a straight transfer and so we won't be reblogging for a little while yet anyway. We'll always try to credit the artists / photographers responsible for the work, and when we catch up we'll acknowledge all reblogs for sure, just to keep all the anal retentives from busting a sphincter in sheer affronted indignation; but until then, you'll have to take us as you find us, or take a hike.
3) "Sinners! You call yourself a black & white blog?!?": well, no, actually, we don't. Black & white suits our aesthetic for a damn good whack of the time, but if occasionally we feel a little crimson flushing our hormone sluices, or fancy wantonly splattering a liberal wad of emerald in your eyes, then we'll damn well do it. Besides, black & grey never look so good as when set off just "so" by a primary accent, didn't you learn ANYTHING in fashion school dahlinks?
4) "So you don't wanna be an elite, or on the rise, or even a newcomer?": damn straight we don't. Who made this a race?
5) "It sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder": no, we don't. This is our blog is all.